Healthy menu for Pregnant Women

Diposkan oleh Irwan Saputra on Thursday, December 13, 2012
Irwan Bloggers Communtiy - The gestation period is always awaited by his mother. They always want to give a special or the best for the candidate of their children to attend. Unfortunately, until now there has been no awareness of pregnant women about the food consumed by the mother during pregnancy is a source of nutrition and nutrients to the fetus.

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Based on a survey conducted in 2011, obtained the fact that 6 out of 10 women experience micronutrient deficiencies and protein. If the requirements are not met then it is equally harmful or made ​​vulnerable fetuses impaired in growth, disrupted the process of childbirth and maternal health are compromised.

Healthy menu for Pregnant Women

Basically pregnant women requires a comprehensive intake from energy, protein, folic acid and iron that comes from the food they consume. Energy needs and a distraction that is the staple food of 2100 kkalori per day. Protein derived from animal and vegetable protein 67 grams of food per day, folic acid derived from vegetable and fruit size and 600 mcg per day of iron from vegetables 35 mg per day.

Similarly, information about health that I can give to the reader. Hope can be useful and help us longer need articles Healthy menu for Pregnant Women. thank you!

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