What is Leukemia Disease

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Irwan Bloggers Community - Have you ever heard the term leukemia? When we hear will Leukaemia is certainly when we are aware of the sense of leukemia and how it can cause a variety of negative bad for the sufferer physically and mentally then we would be afraid of this disease phobia.

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Leukemia is a malignant disease of blood cells derived from bone marrow that is characterized by his trademark form of increased white blood cells (leukocytes) with the addition of manifestations of abnormal cells in the peripheral blood.

Leukaemia too often we are familiar with the term blood cancer. And blood cancer is ranked first on the type of malignancy that afflicts the children of the world by achieving a percentage of 30-40%. The cause of leukemia is as yet known exactly would cause.

Because research in the field of health not getting an authentic evidence that can explain and describe the causes of this blood cancer. There is also a risk factor for the occurrence of blood cancers are due to genetic factors, and environmental factors fator immunodeficiency.

Similarly, information about health that I can give to the reader. Hope can be useful and help us longer need articles What is Leukemia Disease. thank you!

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