What's Disease Depression

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Irwan Bloggers Community - Depression is a serious disorder and natural feelings manifested by impaired social function and physical function were terrific, old and settled on the individual concerned. Depression is a natural kind of feeling or emotion that accompanied such a sense of psychological components difficult, moody, sad, hopeless and unhappy, and somatic components such as: anorexia, constipation, skin moist (cold), blood pressure and pulse rate decreased slightly.

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A person with depression will feel greatly reduced energy and is unable to perform any activity, lazy, saw a negative perspective, look no more valuable to him, and as if it is never-ending. Be careful because depression is also one of the main causes of suicide. The causes of depression are also diverse forms. Some things from the cause of depression.

  1. Hereditary and genetic factors.
  2. Neurological factors. Juha called organobiologis factor because the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain, especially serotonin.
  3. Physical factors.
  4. Factors Psychobiology.

Depression can also be triggered by several things. Triggers of depression because of the factors as well as physical trauma and psychological factors.

Depression is a normal reaction when it takes place in a short time in the presence of a clear precipitating factors, duration and depth of depression according to the originators factor. Psychotic depression is when a complaint is concerned no longer compatible with reality, not to judge reality and can not be understood by others. but if allowed to continue and did not get the appropriate handler course this depression will affect one's mental health.

Health Information so I can pass on to you. Hopefully with this article, a sense of the importance of higher health and hopefully this article can be useful. A few articles What's Disease Depression. Thank you!

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